The Inside Pitch 02.26.18

February 26, 2018

A special edition of The Inside Pitch with West Rutland girls basketball coach Carl Serrani -  here to talk about the Girls Division IV basketball tournament with sportswriters Tom Haley and Bob Fredette. Serrani has guided his Golden Horde teams to the semifinals in Barre the past six seasons. The tournament begins next Tuesday. 


The Inside Pitch 02.20.18

February 20, 2018

This week on The Inside Pitch, it's the emergence of the surprise player. Both Bob Fredette and Tom Haley have stories of player who came off the bench to help win the game this week. Hear that and more on the Rutland Herald's local sports podcast, The Inside Pitch.


The Inside Pitch 02.13.18

February 13, 2018

Basketball is in full swing and Bob and Tom are raring to get out and cover some games. Bob gives a shout out to the boys team in West Rutland for their big comeback last week, and encourages people to go and catch a game, Otter Valley versus Mill River or Fair Haven versus MSJ, it's a jump ball. 


The Inside Pitch 02.07.18

February 6, 2018

Bob Fredette and Tom Haley are back with another edition of the Rutland Herald's local sports podcast - The Inside Pitch. Sounds like Tom's a little under the weather, but it would take more than that to keep him from covering a game. Of course, more than that could come in the form of school delays due to weather on the horizon. Find out this week about the coach's poll, power rankings and Bob and Tom's thoughts on Windsor's standings. Tune in each Tuesday for the Rutland Herald's local sports podcast, The Inside Pitch. Email us your thougths at: and keep checking our website and Facebook for up to date information. and