The Inside Pitch: Season, Episode 4

September 18, 2018

In this episode, Sports Editor Bob Fredett and Sports Writer Tom Haley, talk with David Capman, football coach for the Poultney Blue Devils, and his grandson and quarterback, Caden Capman. Poultney is currently 3-0 going into a game with Mill River. Caden is currently sidelined with an injury. Find out how he and his coach plan on handling the upcoming game as well as their thoughts on the season.

The group also discusses the pros and cons of padded flag football and eight man football and how they may help keep football alive.

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The Inside Pitch: Season 3, Episode 3

September 11, 2018

Week 3 of the 2018 fall season, and Bob and Tom kick off again with football but also hit the net on soccer and field hockey. The power rankings will also be out tomorrow. Find out who Tom and Bob like for the Maple Sap bucket as well. It's all on this week's edition of The Inside Pitch.




The Inside Pitch: Season 3, Episode 2

September 4, 2018

The Inside Pitch: Season 3, Episode 2

September 4, 2018

They're back! The Rutland Herald sports podcast team of Bob Fredette and Tom Haley. It's another season and Bob and Tom have football on the brain for this kickoff show.

This week's topics include:

  • Poultney - a football town!
  • A look ahead at this weeks' local sports

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